This is kind of a personal purge here.  If you can’t deal with it, that problem is more your issue than mine.As a few of you know, I’d signed up for a SCUBA certification class after seeing a special for the class on Living Social.  The deal was for ANDI certification through Deep Blue SCUBA. […]

Prompt text: Your protagonist is inexplicably terrified of something. What are they afraid of and how are they confronting it?“How do you like your iPad?”The question startled me, and I raised my finger from the screen far earlier than I intended.  On the display the yellow bird flipped impotently to the ground in front of the […]

Prompt text: It is a rainy morning. Imagine the smells, colors, the feeling of the air. At the periphery of vision, surrounded by fog, something emerges. Watch what happens, and write your scene.The alarm shrieked at me for the third time this morning.  Unlike the previous two, I reach for the switch to turn it off […]

Prompt text: Write a scene about two people who disagree, but must find common ground to solve a problem.“Mexican?” Levi offered.Jody shook her head violently.  “You know how bad Santeria made me feel last time we went!”  Even in the dim light of the car, Levi thought Jody’s pale skin seemed to blanch.  “Christ, I spent […]

Prompt text: Start your scene with this line: “Her laugh broke the silence.”Author’s note: I recognize I’m ending this in a different place than were I started.  I think if I took this where it felt like it should go, it would turn into a whole chapter.  I just took the prompt, started the chapter and […]

Prompt text: A character arrives at work to find their chair missing. What happened to it?“The hell is this horseshit?”Chuck had never been taught the concept of an “inside voice” as a child.  Consequently everyone in the department knew what he thought on any topic, whether engaged in conversation with him directly or trying to […]

Prompt text: Describe a memorable event, positive or negative, and how it felt to you, but do not name the feeling. Instead, tell how it felt in your body (damp hands, metallic taste, tight throat, wobbly knees, etc.).Author’s note: Another easy one.T – 7 hours: Get out of bed at Fred’s.  I’m staying at a friend of […]

Prompt text: This is one of Fool’s suggested prompts from last year, and it is simply “the worst childhood memory.” Interpret as you will.Author note: I don’t know if this constitutes the worst, but it is easily one of the first that came to mind.“What should I get next Dad?”“I don’t know, son.  How about […]

“As Wolverine, Jackman’s elemental sex-magick and unpretentious way of wrapping his eyebrows around a line was revelatory; as I wrote a couple of years ago, in the last few decades I can only think of a few actors who’ve taken the reins of their genre roles with as much assurance: Christopher Reeve as Superman, Russell […]

Write about someone who is hiding.“Oh shit!”“What?” I asked, looking up.  “You ok?”“For now, but we need to get out of here,” Sylvie hissed.“What’s the problem?”Sylvie sighed.  “You see that blonde that just walked in?”I half turned to my right, feigning looking up at the TV over the bar and then stealing a glance at […]

A drunk man sits down next to you, decides you’re his buddy, and starts confessing “the truth.” Write about what “the truth” is.(Author’s note: any resemblance between character(s) in this story and real people I might be related to/friends with is purely coincidental.  Truly.)“YA know what the truth is?”Oh Christ, this is gonna be fun. […]

You are waiting for a bus. A public phone starts ringing and you answer it. Write down your conversation.I changed it up slightly, given that public phones/payphones hardly exist anymore.The sun beat down on me as I stood waiting for the shuttle bus.  The heat radiated off the sidewalk, and in the back of my […]

List five things that annoy you. Then pick one and write a short scene from the perspective of someone who loves that annoying thing.machismostinginess/cheapnesshypocrisyloudnesstardinessAs Aaron reached to ring the doorbell, Myles checked his watch.  The display read back 2:45 PM.  Behind the door, he could hear the muffled sounds of laughter and cheers, and possibly […]

Take the last line of a poem, story, or book that you love and use it as the first line of your scene.“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”I grimaced slightly at JB’s words, the chips clattering as he raked the pot.  The dealer had begun the process of gathering the […]

So the September Writing Challenge has begun again.  A variety of prompts over the course of the next 30 days, which I need to write at least a short paragraph or two about to try and stay sharp.  Today’s I think is redone from a couple of years ago, but a good one nonetheless.“You are […]