Prompt text: Write a scene about two people who disagree, but must find common ground to solve a problem.

“Mexican?” Levi offered.

Jody shook her head violently.  “You know how bad Santeria made me feel last time we went!”  Even in the dim light of the car, Levi thought Jody’s pale skin seemed to blanch.  “Christ, I spent the next two days never more than three steps from the bathroom.”  She turned the wheel, going left onto Stark.  Stopped at the next light, she turned to Levi?  “Italian?  There’s Georgio’s over on Hoyt!”

Levi snorted.  “Isn’t that where your ex-boyfriend works now?”  He turned to look out the window, arms crossed over his chest.

Jody couldn’t believe Levi was hung up over this STILL.  “Hey, he comped our drinks the last time we were there.”

Without turning around, Levi replied curtly, “After I caught him looking down your blouse at your tits.”  Jody felt her face flush and the backs of her ears burned.  Self-conciously, her had reached for the next of her blouse, buttoning another button.  “Ok, you’re right…no Georgio’s.”

Levi’s posture relaxed a bit and he turned back towards Jody as the light turned green.  “We could always go to Deschute’s,” he said tentatively.  A wry smile touched the corner of Jody’s mouth.  “Sure,” she said quietly.

“Great!” Levi looked pleased with himself and turned his attention to the road.

They drove in silence for a few blocks when Jody whispered, “What’s the spread?”

Without thinking, Levi began rambling.  “UCLA is an underdog by a touchdown, but Nebraska’s totally overrated and the over was a sweet play too, so I parlayed that…” His voice trailed off.  “Busted?” he asked.

“Busted.”  Jody looked more pleased with herself for seeing through the ruse than anything.

“It’s date night, you’re right, I’m sorry,” Levi said sheepishly.  Jody managed to steal a quick glare at him.  There wasn’t malice in the look as much as wondering who he was trying to fool.  “That was fair payback for Georgio’s,” he added.

Jody’s face softened considerably.  “I wasn’t trying to get you back.” She sounded almost defensive.

“No, I deserved it,” Levi countered.  His eyes scanned the street ahead, looking for another option.  He got distracted when he felt Jody’s hand, and he looked down.  She had taken his hand into hers and gave it a gentle squeeze.  He looked up at her as the car came to a stop at another light.

Sorry she mouthed at him.  He smiled, and leaned over.  Their lips met, lightly at first, then returning and lingering.  The kiss was interrupted by a honk from the car behind them.  The light had changed.

Jody returned her focus to the road, but Levi continued to stare at her.  His smile broadened.  “Andina,” he declared.

“Andina?” Jody repeated.  She seemed lost in thought.  “But we haven’t been there since…” Suddenly, her look turned wistful.  “Was it really three years ago?” she asked.

Now Levi squeezed her hand.  “A good three years. It’s been too long.”

Jody turned on her turn signal.  As she made the turn to head back towards Glisan St, Levi brought her hand to his lips.  After all this time, it still made her heart flutter.

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