Yes, I’m excited

24 Jul 2013 Food

’twas the night before beerfest, and all through the house
I anticipated getting drunk as a louse.
The kegs are all tapped and teeming with brew.
Porters, stouts, ales and hefes, don’t know what to do.

I should be all nestled and snug in my bed,
But frothy beer glasses dance in my head.
I’m so damn exhausted you’d think I’d just drop.
But I’m excited for the celebration of hop.

The weather is temperate,
The beers, oh they’ll flow.
Why am I sitting here?
To Waterfront Park I must go.

But it’s still too damn early,
So for now I must sleep.
And tomorrow’s libations
Might move me to weep.

The Brewer’s Festival brings on
A mighty strong case of
Beer madness, it’s true.
But bring on the cerveza!

(Ok, that last one is a bit of a stretch, but work with me here)

There’s Widmer and Rogue,
Deschutes and some Ninkasi
Maui Brewing from Hawaii
In case you feel saucy.

Too many beers for my
Tired brain to assess.
So I’m ending this here,
Before it becomes a hot mess.

So before I imbibe,
And while I’m still quite upright.
Merry Brewer’s Fest to all!
And to hell with Bud Light!

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