When I ran the 3M Half Marathon two weeks ago, I threw updates up on Facebook as I trudged along. There are perks to being slower than a lame tree sloth and this would be one of them. As I made my way on my almost four hour trek, it was encouraging to get comments of support as I went along. Every time I signed in to make the next snarky remark, I’d pause to read what friends had said since the last one and was buoyed by all the “likes” I got.

Next month I’m going to Vegas on vacation during both the World Series of Poker Circuit events running at Caesar’s and the Deep Stack Extravaganza at Venetian. So sort of a “working” vacation, if you could call it that. I thought it would be fun to get some similar encouragement while I was there. I’ve tweeted hands out as I’ve gone when playing in tournaments both here and in Vegas but I thought I’d go a little further with it this go.

In the past I’ve bought pieces of action from one of my poker buddies who had a big score in Oklahoma three years back. But I’ve never sold any of my action because I didn’t think about it and didn’t think anyone would be interested. Mentioning the possibility on Facebook made me change my mind. So I’m offering 1% of three tournaments at $10, which makes it a reasonable “investment” for my friends who want to play along.

The schedule as I see it for my time in Vegas:

  • Monday February 24th 5pm WSOPC Event #5 $365 No Limit Hold ’em – this is listed as a 2-day event. Based on the parallel event at the Choctaw series from earlier this month, they will probably play down to the money Monday night, with the remaining players coming back around 2pm the next day to play to a winner. Choctaw had 257 entries paying out 27 spots. I actually played in a re-entry event at Caesar’s in this series two or three years ago. For that event they played down to 15% of the field remaining and I busted out just a bit short of that cut.
  • Tuesday February 25th – This is the only one that’s up in the air. If I make the cut on Monday night to day 2, then I’ll have to wait and see how I do there before deciding what tourney to play in. WSOPC has a $365 No Limit Hold ’em 6-handed starting at noon, but they tend to do late entries until at least 3 or 4 if I remember right. Venetian Deep Stack has a $400 2-day event where the second flight starts that day at noon (flight one begins on Monday). And if I’m in the money from Monday and can’t make either of these, there’s a 7pm $200 bounty tournament I can slide into that evening. Obviously if I make miracles happen and run to the final table from the previous event, then you’ll get a partial rebate on the entry I didn’t use from Tuesday along with your piece of Monday’s bounty :-). A man can dream ;-).
  • Wednesday February 26th noon Venetian Deep Stack $300 NLHE Black Chip Bounty – The bounty tourney Tuesday is a “green chip” bounty, meaning players would collect $25 for each player they knocked out. Black chips are $100, so this is a more lucrative one to play. Again, if I make it to the 2nd day on Tuesday at the noon Venetian tourney then this may get put off or cancelled entirely for me, although they do have a $200 tourney running at 7pm that I could still play in as part of the package.

So if you’re interested in sweating my play, let me know if you want a piece of the action. I’m looking to sell about 30% and based on FB response I think about 10% is spoken for already.  If you’re one of my Austin peeps, then text, email or call and I’ll tie out with when I can get the cash.  If I know you from out of town, ping me and I’ll send you the address to mail a check to. I can maybe do Paypal but they might take a piece out so let’s leave that as a last resort.

Let’s have some fun and see if I can run it up!

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