Prompt text: Your protagonist is inexplicably terrified of something. What are they afraid of and how are they confronting it?“How do you like your iPad?”The question startled me, and I raised my finger from the screen far earlier than I intended.  On the display the yellow bird flipped impotently to the ground in front of the […]

Prompt text: Write a scene about two people who disagree, but must find common ground to solve a problem.“Mexican?” Levi offered.Jody shook her head violently.  “You know how bad Santeria made me feel last time we went!”  Even in the dim light of the car, Levi thought Jody’s pale skin seemed to blanch.  “Christ, I spent […]

Write about someone who is hiding.“Oh shit!”“What?” I asked, looking up.  “You ok?”“For now, but we need to get out of here,” Sylvie hissed.“What’s the problem?”Sylvie sighed.  “You see that blonde that just walked in?”I half turned to my right, feigning looking up at the TV over the bar and then stealing a glance at […]

Missed Connections is just a working title until I can think of something better.  But after a bit of a struggle, I’ve gotten NaNoWriMo off to a start.  Thanks to my dear love Lesbian Prime for getting me the juice I needed to get over the hump with my word count tonight.  The story begins below […]

Sometimes getting ideas out of the blue really drives me nuts.So I hadn’t quite fully convinced myself I was going to do NaNoWriMo this year.  It’s been good getting at least a little bit untracked with the writing, but I just wasn’t convinced I had a story idea in me that could run 50,000 words. […]