Good lord, I can’t believe this thing is still working. It’s been…how many years since I’ve logged into this thing?(Checks oldest date on unmoderated spam comments)…Yeeesh.I’d say that I’d worry most of you might have been concerned I was dead except there’s maybe a half dozen or so of you who know me in meatspace […]

It is true that I read Jenny Lawson, a.k.a. The Bloggess, more than probably just about any straight man in America that isn’t married/related to her.Well, at least I hope her husband Victor is straight. But if he isn’t, I mean hey whatever floats their boat collectively, you know?Wait, I had a point around here somewhere…Anyway, […]

I’m still struggling with getting back into the writing habit again.I think the last two posts have been something of cranky old man posts because it has been difficult to force myself to write anything here since I got back from Portland. The vacation shine came off a little, but it is more just anxiety […]

This is full of some of my personal psycho-babble. If you’re not interested in any of that shit, you can feel free to bypass this post entirely.So I might have mentioned this in this space before, but it bears repeating because I’m just now realizing the significance of the fact.  When I was a kid […]

Decided that coming off of a five day weekend was as good a day as any to get serious about training for the half-marathon in January I signed up for.  Some random brain spillage prompted by actually answering the alarm at 5:30am:This may have been the first time I’ve ever run (well jogged) through my […]

This is kind of a personal purge here.  If you can’t deal with it, that problem is more your issue than mine.As a few of you know, I’d signed up for a SCUBA certification class after seeing a special for the class on Living Social.  The deal was for ANDI certification through Deep Blue SCUBA. […]