For its natural beauty, Portland and the surrounding Oregon area is hands down the most beautiful place I’ve visited in the contiguous US.  Hawaii is the only place I’ve been that can rival Oregon for a landscape that can just absolutely take your breath away.Related to the above statement: this is the best vacation I’ve […]

’twas the night before beerfest, and all through the houseI anticipated getting drunk as a louse.The kegs are all tapped and teeming with brew.Porters, stouts, ales and hefes, don’t know what to do.I should be all nestled and snug in my bed,But frothy beer glasses dance in my head.I’m so damn exhausted you’d think I’d […]

Apologies for the Gotye reference but I really didn’t know where else to go with this observation.Way back when, when I first came to school here in 1990…Wait…Jesus, it’s almost a quarter century since I moved to Austin?Shit. Where was I?Oh, yeah…So when I first moved here, I lived in the Taos Coop on 26th […]

Write a list of menu items you would offer to an enemy who came into your restaurant.Editor’s note: Enemies?  Me?  You’re kidding right?  Ok…here we go.“Good evening, sir.  We’re glad you could join us for dinner this evening,” I said with as broad a smile as I could muster.  I had pulled the chair out […]

One observation about this cruise that doesn’t relate to anything I’ve done on shore during this trip:The shore excursions have all been top notch through the first two full days at sea.  Maui is spectacular, the only on shore mishap was some unfortunate floundering on my part during today’s snorkel.  Actually, that may not be […]

(Any photo posted can be clicked on to see full size)Ok, let’s be completely honest here.  Under the best of circumstances, I would have had a hell of time sleeping last night.It’s become a bit of a struggle for me to get comfortable at the parental units’ whenever I come back to visit.  Yes, this […]

Ok, can someone tell me when exactly it was that Hooters set the standard for chain restaurant decor & style?This question came to me when coworkers invited me out to lunch on Friday after my morning call obligations were done.  It had been a pretty brutal morning workwise, especially compared to the rest of the […]