I have been on a bit of block in terms of writing today.  The Yankees rant I posted earlier I’d started last night.  It’s legit, but I admit my heart wasn’t fully into it.  I mean, I am as pissed off at them as the post implies but it’s a pissed off that’s hard to […]

This is a poker post but it isn’t.  I ask that even my non-card playing peeps give this a read because I think the principles involved are pretty damn important.I’ve wanted to write the last few days, but the ideas have been half-formed and not well thought out.  Work has been occupying most all my […]

Understand something: when the Dallas Cowboys were THE dominant team in the 1990s NFL, when I despised them like few teams on this earth…Michael Irvin was the player I despised most on that team.It probably didn’t help that he was a Miami Hurricane in college, and I still had lingering scars from the 1991 Cotton […]

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Not only are these assholes celebrated, they get elected to the bench.Tweet