Back when I was a more hardcore comic book geek, I’d always hoped they might someday adapt Neil Gaiman’s Sandman into a film at some point. I loved the images and stories, thought it was something that would translate well into film if done right. Well after the book’s run ended, I remember seeing an […]

It is entirely possible that Space Invaders is a gateway drug.  You laugh, but I am only half-kidding and full-earnest.Since I’ve started writing in this space again, I can honestly say that the last two posts I’ve put up may have been the best writing I’ve done in a long, long time.  Then again it’s […]

One of the stories I’ve long loved to tell about my father occurred not long after we’d moved to Fort Worth.  It was our second move in as many years, and I daresay my folks picked up on the fact that I hadn’t taken the upheaval terribly well.  Especially since the school I would go […]

I couldn’t begin a post about exercise without tying back to a semi-cryptic movie reference.  At this point, I’m three and a half weeks away from doing something I’d never expected myself to do, which seemed as good a reason as any to dust off the writing chops.Tweet

The story I like to tell people about my career at Apple was when I was working in Apple Online Store support in 2001.  There was a MacWorld keynote being given, they shut down the phone lines for an hour or so so we could watch on closed circuit TV.  At some point during the […]

Write a scene revolving around a kiss.“So can I ask you something?” I offer hesitantly.“What’s that,” she replied with a smile.  We’re standing in the parking lot of the movie theater.  It was our second date, our first having been done over a light bite at a restaurant the week prior.Being the bundle of nerves […]

I’ve wanted to play catchup on the September writing challenge for a while now.  But physically I’m just tapped out beyond belief right now.  Work has been busy, it is quarter-end which for me means things are hopping.  But I’ve also been battling a bug that I thought (hoped) were just allergies for a couple […]

Write a short story or scene entitled “When the Ice Melts.”The month is already half gone, and this group has produced some great writing in the past 15 days. Keep your momentum strong through this weekend – the middle of the month is always the hardest part (at least for me).Editor’s note: I’m actually a […]

So much of the writing I’ve been doing here is tied to the Writing Challenge.  I’ve got to force myself to sit down and start writing about Hawaii again, but with work running kind of briskly right now finding the time and energy to crank that out and upload the photos is a bit of […]

Write a list of menu items you would offer to an enemy who came into your restaurant.Editor’s note: Enemies?  Me?  You’re kidding right?  Ok…here we go.“Good evening, sir.  We’re glad you could join us for dinner this evening,” I said with as broad a smile as I could muster.  I had pulled the chair out […]

Hey writers! You are all kicking ass – it’s great to see everyone contributing regularly, if not daily. If you have extra time, don’t forget to comment on some of your fellow writers’ entries. Sometimes a bit of feedback or a note about something you read and liked is enough to help renew their enthusiasm […]

Because most of our nation is dwelling on a tragedy today, I’ve chosen another of _fool‘s prompts, which is simply “joy.”Editor’s note: this was the prompt scheduled for 9/11/11.  I could probably have gone with another riff on my time in Hawaii, but wanted to hit something else.As someone who loves the game of poker as […]

Write beginning with the words “I punish myself by…”Editor’s note: weeping, creeping Jesus…of all the prompts to have to play catchup with, the last one and this one are probably not the best to mess with when you’re in an emotionally vulnerable state of mind.  But to borrow from Donald Rumsfeld for hopefully the only […]

Sorry about the late prompt, guys! Today, write about someone with whom you’ve lost contact.Editor’s note: I’m a couple of prompts behind and playing catchup this Sunday evening.I’m not exactly sure when it was we lost contact.If I had to hazard a guess it was some time late last year.  We saw each other in […]

Last September, my illustrious buddy Lesbian Prime threw down what she dubbed the September Writing Challenge.  The idea was that on every day in September, she would throw up a prompt and if we were doing the challenge we would peck out a minimum of two paragraphs directly related to the challenge.  The idea as […]

We pulled into port in Maui fairly early on Sunday morning.  Again the time difference has me up way earlier than necessary, as I don’t have to be on the pier until 8-8:30.  I scored some breakfast, sojourned out to the dock and found myself immediately making small talk with one of the guides who […]

One major black mark against Norwegian compared to my Carnival cruise experience from five years ago is the pricing and quality of their internet access from the boat.  Carnival charged a flat fee for the duration of the cruise.  Norwegian is a minute bu minute plan, and their upload speeds are for crap via satellite. […]


(Any photo posted can be clicked on to see full size)Ok, let’s be completely honest here.  Under the best of circumstances, I would have had a hell of time sleeping last night.It’s become a bit of a struggle for me to get comfortable at the parental units’ whenever I come back to visit.  Yes, this […]

A week or so ago, Big Brothers Big Sisters asked active matches to participate in a photo shoot.  They have a big fundraiser coming up, a big dance/party thing called the Austin Ice Ball.  During the party, they have a slide show of photos of Bigs and Littles that have been matched through the program. […]

Someone with the museum was not only kind enough to get back to me letting me know my picture use was ok, but to compliment me on my writing as well :-).  So I figured I needed to post more pictures and relate more about the experience.One thing I do want to call special attention […]