I’m not against remakes or reboots in film, general speaking. I think I might have been at one point but I’ve softened a bit on the subject.Remakes or reboots that feel like they’re just trying to cash in on nostalgia: not a fan. The Nightmare on Elm Street remake felt that way big time. The […]

I feel like I need to say something upfront so I don’t forget. It may also be the only time you ever see these words coming from me, so appreciate it for what it says.If you have any interest at all in seeing Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, you owe it to yourself to see it in digital […]

Paramount Theater was running 2001: A Space Odyssey tonight as the opening feature in their 70mm week for the Classic Film Series. Sadly, it wasn’t the best print. The focus went soft on the edges of the screen a fair bit after reel changes. But it still sounded fantastic. After watching for the umpteenth time […]

…you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.This particular post and its attendant counter arguments has been bouncing all around the internet for a couple of days now. It started with this particular post, from a man who makes me think the worst of all venture capitalists […]

“As Wolverine, Jackman’s elemental sex-magick and unpretentious way of wrapping his eyebrows around a line was revelatory; as I wrote a couple of years ago, in the last few decades I can only think of a few actors who’ve taken the reins of their genre roles with as much assurance: Christopher Reeve as Superman, Russell […]

Take the last line of a poem, story, or book that you love and use it as the first line of your scene.“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”I grimaced slightly at JB’s words, the chips clattering as he raked the pot.  The dealer had begun the process of gathering the […]

Poker is absolutely not about making big hands and collecting the jackpot, and if you keep looking at it that way you simply won’t get better.If there is a guy in the game who is playing every pot, has a ten thousand dollar stack, and is paying off every bet to the river whenever he […]

In light of the Aurora shootings, it feels a little bit weird to be writing about this movie under any circumstances. Personally, I was exceptionally conflicted given that as much as I loved The Dark Knight, there was very little in the trailers and run-up to this movie that had me really excited.  I had a […]

I suppose having written once quite regularly for Quirkee.com that it comes as no surprise I like Wes Anderson’s films.  The man has made quirky his stock and trade very successfully over the years.That said, The Darjeeling Limited left me a little cold when I saw it.  So I wasn’t in a rush to see Moonrise Kingdom. […]

I have been on a bit of block in terms of writing today.  The Yankees rant I posted earlier I’d started last night.  It’s legit, but I admit my heart wasn’t fully into it.  I mean, I am as pissed off at them as the post implies but it’s a pissed off that’s hard to […]

Cross posted at Coming out of the Basement.I had been wanting to write more but couldn’t really think of anything else to write about today until I saw the news in my FB feed that Ernest Borgnine had died at the age of 95.  The man had a very long and distinguished career as an […]

I seriously don’t get why this movie exists.Not a Spider-Man movie in general.  That I get.  Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy grossed $1.1 billion domestically over a 5 year period, and that doesn’t take into account international box office or video sales/rentals.  Even if the third one was dogshit (and I’ll brook no argument…it was dogshit.  My […]

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for redheads.  I don’t know why or how it all started, though I’m inclined to blame Molly Ringwald and John Hughes.So when I first saw the trailer for Brave, I knew I’d have to give it a shot.  Indepndent redhead (albeit a digital one), Scottish highlands and it’s […]

Back when I was a more hardcore comic book geek, I’d always hoped they might someday adapt Neil Gaiman’s Sandman into a film at some point. I loved the images and stories, thought it was something that would translate well into film if done right. Well after the book’s run ended, I remember seeing an […]

When Alamo Drafthouse first announced the Summer of 1982 series, there were a number of titles in the run that caught my eye.  Tron has always had a special place in my heart as a video game kid of the 1980s.  I didn’t see Carpenter’s The Thing until I became an adult, which is probably […]

One of my earliest movie memories is of the original Alien.  I have a memory of waking up either crazy early in the morning or middle of the night when I was much younger, maybe 10 or 11 years old.  Pop was up watching something on cable.  I asked him what he was watching, and […]

I really should be conserving my words for NaNoWriMo, but I really felt like I needed to pipe in on this flick.The first I’d ever heard anything about Take Shelter was when Filmspotting reviewed it back in mid-October.  I knew nothing about the movie beyond what they said about it.  It was one of those uber-indies […]

Catching up on Filmspotting again, and they reviewed Drive with Ryan Gosling (my short take on it until later: damn fine arthouse flick, but brace yourself for some pretty intense violence in spots).  In tandem with the review, they also did a countdown of their Top 5 Movie Vehicles.  The criteria they used was that cars/vehicles […]


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Here’s the thing…we all know that to some degree we have to delude ourselves to get through life.  There are probably ten million different things that we do every day that if we stopped to think about it, I mean really think about what we have just done/touched/eaten/etc. we might just go bugfuck, paranoid insane. […]

Red band trailer, NSFW language.For about every ten Cowboys & Aliens or a hundred Smurfs there’s one gem, a low budget indie flick that maybe flies under the radar a little and really wows you when you see it.  When you find a winner like that, you savor it all the more just because it is so […]