Good lord, I can’t believe this thing is still working. It’s been…how many years since I’ve logged into this thing?(Checks oldest date on unmoderated spam comments)…Yeeesh.I’d say that I’d worry most of you might have been concerned I was dead except there’s maybe a half dozen or so of you who know me in meatspace […]

This has been and will continue to be a fairly challenging November for me.The entire quarter from October through December is always a bit of a bear for me. My company’s success is centered around retail prosperity and Christmas is (in this country at least) the retail holiday to end all others. Throw in new […]

Missed Connections is just a working title until I can think of something better.  But after a bit of a struggle, I’ve gotten NaNoWriMo off to a start.  Thanks to my dear love Lesbian Prime for getting me the juice I needed to get over the hump with my word count tonight.  The story begins below […]