When I ran the 3M Half Marathon two weeks ago, I threw updates up on Facebook as I trudged along. There are perks to being slower than a lame tree sloth and this would be one of them. As I made my way on my almost four hour trek, it was encouraging to get comments […]

Take the last line of a poem, story, or book that you love and use it as the first line of your scene.“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”I grimaced slightly at JB’s words, the chips clattering as he raked the pot.  The dealer had begun the process of gathering the […]

This post may wind up a bit all over the place.  At the time this began, I was three beers deep at Flying Saucer, and now that I’m wrapping it up I’m so far past most of the events that some of them are a bit fuzzy.  The only excuse I’ll offer.Since my personal moment […]

As my poker play goes, this year has been a pretty mighty struggle.  When I went to play in the WSOP Circuit event at Caesar’s in January, I felt like I played pretty well but came up just short of my goal to make it to day 2 of competition and threaten to make the […]

This is a poker post but it isn’t.  I ask that even my non-card playing peeps give this a read because I think the principles involved are pretty damn important.I’ve wanted to write the last few days, but the ideas have been half-formed and not well thought out.  Work has been occupying most all my […]

Create a character that has an unusual phobia. Write a scene that causes that character to face his fear.Editor’s note: you’re not going to believe this, but this is actually loosely based on a real situation.  Not that I witnessed personally, but while listening to the Pokercast from Two Plus Two they had a guest […]

Because most of our nation is dwelling on a tragedy today, I’ve chosen another of _fool‘s prompts, which is simply “joy.”Editor’s note: this was the prompt scheduled for 9/11/11.  I could probably have gone with another riff on my time in Hawaii, but wanted to hit something else.As someone who loves the game of poker as […]

Played cards last night, and it was something of a mixed bag.  I lost $60 on the night, and it was really frustrating as hell going out in the tourney the way I did (kings vs aces).  But as my friend Eugene texted me after I left: “you need to ask yourself ‘What can I […]

So I’ve decided to target the Caesar’s circuit event in January for my next big poker excursion.  I looked at last year’s schedule and if it’s similar this year, I’ll have a couple of different events with buy-ins around the $350 mark that I can take a shot at.  There may be one the opening […]

When I made the post the other day about feeling like I’d never be a great card player, one of my friends who I play with frequently commented:Don’t count yourself short. Poker is a life long game. You’re still an infant compared to many especially compared to the number of hands many of the pros […]

I’m exhausted tonight, so no Ip Man 2 just yet.One thing I did have to comment on tonight, though.  Everybody knows I’m a poker junkie, and the Main Event at the World Series of Poker is on break today, starting day 3 tomorrow.  This was the first summer in 4 or 5 years where I […]

The bad: already out of poker.The good: meeting work peeps downtown for music and drinks.The ugly: with two married men, so I should be golden with the ladies…but I got no game and am in a geeky t-shirt & jeans. Take what you can get I guess :-).Tweet

Since most of my currently limited readership is friends with me on Facebook, you know a little ways back I declared a hiatus from poker.Everyone who knows me knows it wasn’t something that could stick for long.  I enjoy the game too much.  I play cards with a lot of people whose company I genuinely […]