These days I have an uneasy relationship with big name sports on several levels.Like a lot of people, I’ve been watching pro sports for as long as I can remember. I was a bit of an aberration in my own family, gravitating to baseball as I did when most of the adults in my family […]

So much of the writing I’ve been doing here is tied to the Writing Challenge.  I’ve got to force myself to sit down and start writing about Hawaii again, but with work running kind of briskly right now finding the time and energy to crank that out and upload the photos is a bit of […]

Not only are these assholes celebrated, they get elected to the bench.Tweet

I had considered not really touching on controversial topics in this revised blog. This insanity compelled me to do otherwise.Short summary of the post: a guy named Thomas Ball sets himself on fire outside of a courthouse in New Hampshire.  The day he goes pyro, the local newspaper gets a 15-page manifesto that is they’re […]

I had read in several places the question of whether Jon Huntsman would be taken seriously in the Republican primaries centered on whether there was room for a true moderate in today’s Republican party.Apparently the problems might be a tad more basic than that.  For chrissakes, even I knew enough to take out the placeholder […]

Jesus, this is some seriously fucked up shit.Seeing how women were depicted in this time period and where the onus was laid (pun intended) on matters of STDs makes me really shake my head when I read about people who want to take us back 50 years to when this country was “really great”.  I […]