A close friend has started up her own book group. Because I think it would help my writing by getting back in the habit of reading more, I figured it would do me some good to sign up. Plus I figured it would get me exposure to writers and literature outside of my usual repasts. […]

In the Dark Tower trilogy from Stephen King, the main character Roland of Gilead frequently refers to the desolate state his homeland is in by saying “The world has moved on…”Now it appears that Universal Studios has followed suit.  Their planned epic movie/TV crossover with Ron Howard at the helm has been shuttered.  The linked […]

When I bought my iPad, among the first apps I downloaded for it were the various digital comic readers.  In my high school and early college days, I was a pretty reliable DC collector.  I didn’t back and bag my comics because for me they were about reading more than collecting.I started in when a […]