Understand something: when the Dallas Cowboys were THE dominant team in the 1990s NFL, when I despised them like few teams on this earth…Michael Irvin was the player I despised most on that team.It probably didn’t help that he was a Miami Hurricane in college, and I still had lingering scars from the 1991 Cotton […]

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Jesus, this is some seriously fucked up shit.Seeing how women were depicted in this time period and where the onus was laid (pun intended) on matters of STDs makes me really shake my head when I read about people who want to take us back 50 years to when this country was “really great”.  I […]

Ok, can someone tell me when exactly it was that Hooters set the standard for chain restaurant decor & style?This question came to me when coworkers invited me out to lunch on Friday after my morning call obligations were done.  It had been a pretty brutal morning workwise, especially compared to the rest of the […]