When I ran the 3M Half Marathon two weeks ago, I threw updates up on Facebook as I trudged along. There are perks to being slower than a lame tree sloth and this would be one of them. As I made my way on my almost four hour trek, it was encouraging to get comments […]

A ways back, I was having a conversation with my friend Ivy. She and her wife had made a trip out to I believe it was the Grand Canyon to spend time with Amber’s parents. If memory serves (and Ivy/Amber chime in if I’ve got the basics off just to keep the record straight) they […]

For its natural beauty, Portland and the surrounding Oregon area is hands down the most beautiful place I’ve visited in the contiguous US.  Hawaii is the only place I’ve been that can rival Oregon for a landscape that can just absolutely take your breath away.Related to the above statement: this is the best vacation I’ve […]

We pulled into port in Maui fairly early on Sunday morning.  Again the time difference has me up way earlier than necessary, as I don’t have to be on the pier until 8-8:30.  I scored some breakfast, sojourned out to the dock and found myself immediately making small talk with one of the guides who […]

(Reposting with the pictures in place now…finally :-P)There are, astonishingly, a few perks to being on a different body clock time zone the the one you’re currently in. Granted, I have yet to figure out exactly what those are…Regardless, Hawaii is 5 hours ahead of my normal time zone. So when you’ve got to be […]

It was fun just putting this together :-).Tweet

I’m finding I simply don’t have words to rival or describe some of the beauty I’m seeing. Some random observations though…Dear god is it getting tougher to distinguish the jailbait from the safe adult women every year. There are some young ladies on this cruise that are a prison sentence waiting to happen.The food hasn’t […]

One observation about this cruise that doesn’t relate to anything I’ve done on shore during this trip:The shore excursions have all been top notch through the first two full days at sea.  Maui is spectacular, the only on shore mishap was some unfortunate floundering on my part during today’s snorkel.  Actually, that may not be […]

I have been utterly laid low by trail hiking and an abundance of beer. I could totally lose myself here and not know it.Tweet

One major black mark against Norwegian compared to my Carnival cruise experience from five years ago is the pricing and quality of their internet access from the boat.  Carnival charged a flat fee for the duration of the cruise.  Norwegian is a minute bu minute plan, and their upload speeds are for crap via satellite. […]


I’m not a photographer by any stretch.  But I was able to at least get one serviceable shot of Hawaii at night.Tweet

(Any photo posted can be clicked on to see full size)Ok, let’s be completely honest here.  Under the best of circumstances, I would have had a hell of time sleeping last night.It’s become a bit of a struggle for me to get comfortable at the parental units’ whenever I come back to visit.  Yes, this […]

Someone with the museum was not only kind enough to get back to me letting me know my picture use was ok, but to compliment me on my writing as well :-).  So I figured I needed to post more pictures and relate more about the experience.One thing I do want to call special attention […]

Since I’m hoping to use the blog to share my experiences in Hawaii next month, I thought I’d do a test run posting some pictures from another trip I took.  Because cards are on my mind, naturally we’re revisiting Vegas.  But this is a piece of Vegas not many of you have seen and there […]