Prompt text: Start your scene with this line: “Her laugh broke the silence.”Author’s note: I recognize I’m ending this in a different place than were I started.  I think if I took this where it felt like it should go, it would turn into a whole chapter.  I just took the prompt, started the chapter and […]

*taps microphone* Is this thing on?Check one two…check check…Ok, the login still works…now let’s see if that’s true about the writing part of my brain.Tweet

Write about the worst advice your mother ever gave you.Here’s the thing…I don’t know that my mother has ever given me anything beyond the most rudimentary advice.  I mean like…ever.Typically when I’m coming to a family member for advice I’m going to my father.  I joke with people that my Pop is like the Don […]

Today’s prompt is from Deanna:Describe your first memory. Not one that comes from a picture, but one you actually remember.The earliest memory I have is of being paraded around by my maternal grandmother.  My Mama China (pronounced CHEE-nah) was the one who taught me how to read at the age of three.  She started me […]